Help Tom defeat Multiple Myeloma


I need your help to beat multiple myeloma 








Please help me defeat my Myeloma Cancer 
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I'm Tom Burse and I need your help to beat Multiple Myeloma.


Multiple Myeloma is Blood Cancer.

  Anyone who knows me understands I’m one of those souls who never asks for help. Maybe that’s not completely realistic, but I’m sure you’ve run across that personality type. I’ve been working since I was 9yrs old and I guess the mold was set rather early. None-the-less, sometimes “life” throws us a curveball and that’s where I find myself and my family. Cancer takes no prisoners and I'm currently in a fight with Myeloma - Blood Cancer.  I need to beat cancer and the cost is astronomical!  In fact, even with insurance and a job it's almost impossible to pay for everything given the cost of treatment, so,  It's become necessary for me to set up a GoFundMe page

I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Nebraska. As is the case with a majority of Nebraskans I grew up a Nebraska Husker Football fan. In fact, I actually played football at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) for a while until a difficult choice had to be made.   I was working almost full time to attend school. So, without working a lot of hours I couldn’t go to school. Giving up playing football was my only choice. After concentrating in Meteorology at UNL and an Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force Reserve I ended up on the air forecasting the weather for KOLN-TV in Lincoln Nebraska. From there my career began. I was Chief Meteorologist at WAPT-TV in Jackson Mississippi, then spent some time at WKYT-TV in Lexington Kentucky before WSVN-TV in Miami came calling. My six years in Miami was great as it allowed me time to use my 20years+ in martial arts to mentor and teach underprivileged kids in South Florida. After Miami I was the Chief Meteorologist at WLWT-TV in Cincinnati Ohio and then went to CBS in Chicago. I'm not working right now due to my last employers actions (see below) and I haven't done TV for a while.

(By the way, it's easy to verify the legitimacy of this site....Just GOOGLE my name... TOM BURSE METEOROLOGIST)

While all of this seems to be a great career (and it was) my wife and I lost absolutely everything during the economic collapse of 2007-2008. After that the inability to get hired due to my age became a huge issue. From that point on I started working in Security and anyone who’s worked for one of the major Security Companies (contract Security) knows it’s one of the worst jobs out there. Some may wonder why I didn’t have medical insurance…but I did. On April 30, 2019 the company I worked for (one of the top 3 in the world) terminated my employment and thus my Medical Insurance after agreeing to my transfer to Cincinnati from my home in Sarasota Florida. I was specifically doing a "transfer" to make sure I didn't lose Medical Insurance.

So, I end up with cancer and my job and medical plan was taken from me. I also find out one of the drugs in my treatment plan can run $45,000 per month! That’s only one of my drugs and doesn’t include Dr. visits, testing/labs, scans and everything else that goes with having cancer.

As mentioned earlier, I’m one of those people who never ask for help, but I have no choice. I need to defeat my blood cancer.
I need to conquer my myeloma. I need to dropkick it as far as I can and I'm asking for your help.

Yes, I need your help.  Please help me beat cancer!
I’m eternally grateful to anyone who can contribute and help my family at this



FYI... Did you know that this is the same cancer Tom Brokaw has?

 September 12 Spent 6hrs at the ophthalmologist yesterday thanks to a tear in the back of my left eye. After a laser treatment later in the day I was finally outta there. They apparently see this problem all the time and it doesn't have anything to do with the just happens. Looks like the World Wrestling Federation going on in my left eye...(big time floaters), but it will clear in 2-4wks. Today was my oncology appt. My blood word is doing quite well (after a bout with anemia) and the chemo drugs are doing a bang-up job so everything is still on track. It does look like this will keep us in Cincinnati thru at least January....and I hate the cold. No doubt it'll be extra cold this year!!


September 10 Two more days before my next appt. Blood sugar still going nuts thanks to the steroids. My sleep pattern the last couple nights has been a little better,but don't get me started about the week prior! Ahhhhhhhh! Oh well. I understand why the Rx is a 3wk cycle with a week off. I'm dragging by the end of week #...being dizzy isn't all that fun but I've only fallen once although I did almost take a dive out our front door a couple days ago....Great wake up call! To think, I used to fall all the time in Judo because it was fun! Another issue has cropped up this cycle. It looks like an episode of Tom and Jerry in my left eye. I'm guessing it's a steroid induced cataract...I've had a few flashes too. None-the-less, I need to get to an Ophthalmologist ASAP. I'll leave it there since I have have a regular oncology appt in a couple days.


August 19   My blood chemistry has recovered enough that we're going to restart the chemo and steroids.  We did lessen the dose of chemo and will likely do an extra cycle before doing the stem cell transplant ("transplant" is a word they'll probably be retiring.  They pull out your own stem cells, process and freeze them and then return them to you.  It's really not a "transplant" in the way most people think of it).  The chemo does appear to be doing the job it's supposed to that's good news.


August 05   I had no delusions that this process was going to be easy or without its hiccups. Last weekend my CBC numbers dropped lower than I've ever seen. Guess that might explain the equilibrium issues and profuse sweating with the smallest of tasks. I'm pretty anemic. Dr took me off the steroids and chemo for a couple weeks (this would be my "off week" anyway) to let the CBC numbers trend back up. The good news is the chemo drugs appear to be doing their job. I haven't looked at the actual numbers yet, but that's what we were told. I'm still w/o a percentage of my hearing thanks to my non allergic rhinitis and the way being in S.W. Ohio effects it...nothing new here but it gets REALLY old after a while. It's amazing how many people I run into that have the same symptoms and couldn't figure out why. Then, they see an allergist and are told they're allergic to living I was years ago.


July 19  It's Friday! That means it's time to dump a bunch of steroids in me again. Hopefully my shaking will not get worse, but steroids will do that. The shaking was pretty bad a couple weeks ago but has returned to "near" normal. Oh well, we'll see. I find it quite embarrassing to be out and about and wonder if the person next to me is noticing it...and it was hard to ignore for a while. I'm pretty self conscious about it. I can see how it would quite frustrating for folks who have a condition where they shake like that all the time. To those who have donated to the cause (my fundraiser)...a huge Thank You! I'm told (and I know this to be true) it will take 5-6months for Social Security Disability to go through...assuming there are zero issues along the way. Wow!


July 12  Cycle #1 of chemo and steroids is over. The side effects were manageable but it would be impossible to work. I certainly couldn't do television because of the stress level as well as not being able to think straight sometimes. Don't need to get goofy on live TV!! Doing the security work I've been doing the last few years would be extremely difficult too because the one drug makes me tired all the time and the steroids give me the shakes! But, cycle #1 is over and after a 6 day hiatus away from both of those drugs it's now time to start Cycle #2. Open mouth...insert steroids! Rinse and we go again for 21 days!  forward!


JUNE 16  Three days into chemo as well as a big dose of steroids and already have neuropathy in the last two fingers of my right hand. Not a big deal (at this point)...just feels a little funny. I'll likely start the second chemo drug this coming week along with an antiviral so we'll see where it goes from there. The antiviral is to help you NOT get shingles or anything like that which the second chemo drug lists as a side effect. Yippy!


JUNE 5  To all who read this...please network this web site if you can. JUNE 1  Hmmmm! I didn't know steroids can give you strange dreams. Mine haven't been bad dreams...just a bit weird.


MAY 26  Wow...Insomnia and steroids messing up my blood glucose levels. What fun!


MAY 25  Having to take steroids 10 times a day. No, that's not a typo! A/C was out for a short time earlier and I found out they don't mix well with all this summer like heat. Things got "a little sweaty".